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We have been in exitence since 2008, that means we understand the dynamics of the industry and are legally registered with the Coporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.


We have understanding of the industry, so we can gurantee returns on your investments with us


Take advantage of our online prsence to speed up your transactions


We are a trusted leader, known for our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


We boasts of a wealth of experience, earned through years of successfully navigating complex challenges in the industry.

Who we are!

RUBYCOM operates a Stay Home Fund that engages in giving loans to her members and at the same time offering investment opportunities.

This organization started as a Real Estate Company in 2008, registered under the CorporateAffairs Commission (CAC)Because of the nature of the business the CEO who considers herself a minister of helps, started a venture where we pay rents for people per annum and get them to pay back monthly with a token added as interest. As the time went on the demand grew. In order to solve that aspect the CEO got proactive to invite several clients of the company to pull ideas together to start up a cooperative that could mother that aspect of the company's transactions, this led to starting up a multipurpose Cooperative Society with the aim to further the comfort of all her members by helping to offset rents in bulk and allow repayment in instalments which also began to include other areas of members' needs like school fees, travels, businesses etc. The cooperative society was founded 7 years into the Real Estate Company's existence; it was made up of 10 initial members who came together to form a cooperative which was agreed to be called RUBYCOM Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited registered at The Abuja Municipal Area Council, in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. Since then the cooperative has grown in membership and still waxing stronger with over 450 members. As a Multipurpose Cooperative Society, RUBYCOM engages in giving loans facilities to her members and at the same time offering investment opportunities to members as well. In 2020 RUBYCOM started a PET project during the COVID 19 lockdown called STAY HOME FUNDS, which brings the rich, middle class and poor together to create a financial balance making access to funds easy for all her members. With the growing number of members on stay home funds, the need to use the technology of the world provided to make self service by all members easy is what gave birth to the need to develop an App that can be used by all members to make both inflow and liquidation of savings and investments easy. You're welcome to our world

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