About Rubycom Multipurpose Coporative loans

We are a coporative whose main aim is to grow the finace of our members. As a memebr, you have the following benefits

  • Access to low intrest loan facilities
  • Overdraft for a period of 7 dyas with intrest
  • Access to partake in the sharing of food items
  • Access free live councelling on financial intelligence.

How do I apply for a loan


Apply in less than 60 seconds

Fill and submit the form on our website or phone App in less than 60 seconds


We will proccess your form in real time

Our system process your details in real time


A decision is reached

A descision is reached and communicated to you on your loan status


Your loan is disbursed

If your application was successful, the loan is disbursed into your account inmmediately.

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You deserve a better better loan service

Rubycom multipurpose offers you Stay Home Funds for just 1% intrest loan

Get quick loans in just 4 steps!!!


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Apply in 60 seconds

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Hear from us in 1 hour

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Your loan is funded

Your loan is disbursed into your personal bank account.

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